Small batch hot sauce, fermented hot honey & fermented hot maple syrup, and now chili and garlic olive oil. Hand made in Berlin, Germany.

We produce outstandingly tasty hot sauces and hot honey. We know that you love them as much as we do.

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Not That Spicy Sauces and fermented hot honey

Hot Maple

Maple Syrup, Madame Jeanette, Habanero

Our 1st batch of hot fermented maple syrup.

100 mls - €6.00


Dante's Fury

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Choc Ghost Pepper), Garlic

Our 3rd batch of Garlic Chilli Olive Oil.

100 mls - €6.00


Volcanic Honey

Honey, Madame Jeanette, Habanero

This 80 day fermented hot honey is a collaboration between Imkerei Bien and Not That Spicy.

200 g - €8.00


Honey I'm Hot

Honey, Madame Jeanette, Habanero

This 90 day fermented hot honey is a collaboration between Imkerei Bien and Not That Spicy.

200 g - €8.00


Frida's Fire

Ghost Peppers, Carolina Reapers, Raspberry, Pomegranate

Our newest hot sauce which has a vibrant colour and the taste is simply amazing

100 mls - €8.00


Rocco's Revenge

Green Jalapenos, Aji Amarillo, Ginger and Coriander

Our other signature hot sauce that also has zing and flavour. Serve with asian food or cheese.

100 mls - €8.00


Tropical Tease

Madame Jeanette, Mango, Pineapple

A fruity everyday hot sauce

100 mls - €8.00


Roasted Hell

Roasted Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion, Carrots, Sweet Potato

Beware, it's hot - This batch is seriously evil. Our hottest sauce so far.

100 mls - €8.00


King's Burn

Habanero, Sundried Tomatoes

Our signature hot sauce. Hot and very tasty. A fruity everyday hot sauce

100 mls - €8.00


Princess' Passion

Habanero, Sundried Tomatoes, Habanera (Heatless Habanero)

A less hot version of our signature King's Burn hot sauce. Hotish and very tasty. A tangy slightly spicy tomato sauce.

100 mls - €8.00


Kaiser's Kick

Carolina Reapers, Sundried Tomatoes

Our signature hot sauce, but hotter. Very Hot, still very tasty.

100 mls - €8.00

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From "Tropical Tease" with it's very playful, exotic aroma. It's velvety almost creamy mouth-feel, and a subtle but lingering burn.

To "Kings Burn", with a nose that reminds me of the beautiful smells of an ItalianTrattoria. Ripe, sweet tomatoes, oregano and garlic. These classic flavor are not, in the end overshadowed by the substantial heat provided by Habaneros. Instead, they all mingle together to create a super tasty sauce that would be right at home on a slice of pizza.

Last, a real flamethrower. "Roasted Hell". With a deceptively sweet, and slightly herbaceous smell it may have you fooled. It starts off slowly on the tongue, offering nicely round roasted chili, and sweet potato notes. It's got you thinking, "this ain't so bad". It's only after the second spoonful that you realize how firey it is. Yikes!

The one thing that they do all have in common though, is the obvious care and consideration that has gone into creating these hot sauces. They are each complex, but accessible, extremely well balanced, and skillfully crafted. If you have not done so yet, you should definitely give them a try! Very impressive.

"first of all, I bought the whole set and I must tell you that every single sauce was amazing. But tropical tease was probably best of them. I loved the combination of spicy and fruity.

Your sauces are not only about 'how hot we can make them' but also about the taste. Please keep nailing it!."

- Jakub S.

"Hey Justin, just wanted to let you know that I love your sauces! 😻 I’ve already killed half of the Tropical Tease bottle and I just discovered a spoonful of Roasted Hell as an amazing energizer for that post-lunch low! 😄 I’ll definitely try more of your creations in the future!"

- Joseph R.
Not That Spicy Justin King

Justin's love of hot and spicy food goes back a long way. From Jerk chicken at the Notting Hill Carnival, to eating North African food in East London. He has always loved spicy food but it wasn't until he arrived in Berlin and noticed that spicy food was not easy to find.

Especially since living together with his German girlfriend and her kids, spicy food became even more rare.

The solution was to create his own hot sauces, which he could pour on every dish. At least his girlfriend was being trained in eating spicy food as she likes his hot sauces very much, because they are so tasty.

After having bought fresh Habanero chillis from a Turkish Market, Justin started experimenting to create his own hot sauce. Initially, he wanted to have a hot sauce for himself to spice up the food at home. But he also wanted to create a not so spicy sauce for his girlfriend to show her how nice a chili sauce could be. Many experiments later, both, Justin and his girlfriend were very happy with their creations.